Technology Essentials  (Grades 9-12)

Technology Essentials aims to prepare high school students with basic knowledge in desktop publishing, graphic design, and also 3D Design & Printing. Software used in this course includes the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign and Photoshop), Google Sketch Up, Google Suite, and much more. An emphasis is placed on the development of design, electronic communication, time management, and independent problem solving over the course of the year.




Interactive Media  (Grades 10-12)

Interactive Media courses provide students with the knowledge and skills to create, design, and produce graphic design products. Students will utilize Adobe Photoshop to create logos, posters, signs, and digital image creations. In addition, students will learn vector image development in Adobe Illustrator, animation in Adobe Animate, and digital layout in Adobe InDesign. Projects include magazine covers, sports posters, line art, typography, personal logo branding, brochures, food truck design, and so much more. This year long course is also considered a full fine art credit for graduation requirements.



Web Page Design  (Grades 10-12)

Web Page Design teaches students the basic elements of web site design using HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Throughout the year, this class manages and updates the both the Chapman High School website and the USD 473 district website. Website projects created include, personal, sports, media/fan site, and a new business idea in Chapman. We also help to update the new CHS



Programming  (Grades 10-12)

An overview of computer programming topics with an emphasis on problem-solving. Students will work through curriculum, learning basic Java programming. Challenges will be presented and solved with different types of coding solutions. Apple Swift Playground is a new addition to the programming course this year and is utilized to explore different syntax of programming. We will also preview Xcode while creating a personal iPhone or iPad app.



Irish Ink Production  (Grade 11)

The production course is for Irish Ink juniors. This class focuses on the basic structure of the Irish Ink Design and Printing business. Students will learn how to design and create publications, interact with customers, and understand the billing process. (Prerequisite: Interactive Media. By Permission Only)




Irish Ink Design  (Grade 12)

The design course is for Irish Ink seniors. During this class students will focus on developing and printing publications for sale. Typically second year students will maintain a larger project load. Students in this course are allowed to take the class both 1st and 2nd hour. (Prerequisite: Interactive Media. By Permission Only)




Irish Tech Support (ITS) (Grades 11-12)

The ITS group assists the technology department with Chromebook maintenance, teacher technology support, and other problems that arise throughout the school day. Individual projects are created based on student interested. In the past, students have created a full sized arcade, Christmas music light show, and 3D printed projects. (Prerequisite: Web Page Design & Programming. By Permission Only)