Psychology  (Grades 11-12)

Psychology is a one semester class open to juniors and seniors for half of a credit. This class can also be taken as a dual credit through Cloud County Community College for three credit hours. Everyone learns, remembers, and solves problems as they develop intellectually and socially from infancy to adulthood. Everyone perceives environmental stimuli and interprets this information from his or her senses. Everyone’s behavior depends on physiological functions.We all feel emotions and engage in motivated behavior. Everyone has a personality and most of us are curious about how it develops. Everyone’s behavior is affected by the many formal and informal groups to which he or she belongs. Not everyone is psychologically disturbed or in need of therapy, but many people have a friend or relative who is.This course will cover all of the above stated stimuli and processes related to mental development.





Human Growth and Development  (Grades 11-12)

This course is a study of the self and steps which lead to psychological maturity, an analysis of our culture in relationship to the needs for personal growth, and a study of the individual from conception through death to determine physical, memtal, and cultural needs for a rich and satisfying life.





College Algebra  (Grades 11-12)

Opp Room enrollment is by teacher recommendation. It has the same focus as Math Lab with few students.

Must have completed two years of high school algebra with a “C” or better and have 22 or higher ACT or an appropriate ASSET/COMPASS score OR complete Intermediate Algebra with a “C” or better

The College Algebra course reviews the standard topics of Algebra. The students will study linear and quadratic equations, functional notations, systems of equations, matrix algebra, and determinants. Graphing linear, quadratic, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions will also be studied.





College Speech  (Grades 11-12)

Public speaking is a class that is offered during the school day from Cloud County Community College. Speech is a required class in college, so students find the experience less stressful to take speech from CCCC, as the class is smaller and they are in a familiar setting. Several speeches are given along with a variety of communication activities.





Principles of Biology  (Grades 11-12)

Principles of Biology is a combined lecture and laboratory course for students planning to choose biological sciences as a major and take additional courses in biology. This course covers basic biochemistry, cell structure and function, molecular biology, and genetics integrated with the evolutionary perspective. This course combines lecture and laboratory instruction and requires a significant amount of out of class time to read and understand content. This course is equivalent to Biology for Majors approved by Kansas Core Outcomes Project group meeting and articulated by Kansas Board of Regents. It is a 5 credit hour course through Cloud County Community College.





College US History I & II  (Grades 11-12)

The US History concurrent credit class (both College & High School credit) is taken through Cloud County Community College, and are called US History 1 & 2. Each class earns students 3 hours of college credit [3 credits for US 1 during 1st semester & 3 credits for US 2 during 2nd semester]. US History 1 covers the causes and effects of political, social, & economics injustices that took place from the colonization of America through the Civil War. US History 2 covers the driving forces behind the continuity & change America experienced from Reconstruction through the 21st century.





English Comp I & II  (Grades 11-12)

Comp I and Comp II are each three hours of college credit and are basic requirements for most college degrees. This is a concurrent course; fulfilling requirements for both an English credit for high school and college credit. Taking the course in a controlled high school environment will give the student and parent an indicator of future success in college. Comp I offers provides instruction in writing with emphasis on grammatical correctness, acceptable word usage, and effective organization and expression of ideas. Assigned readings, expository writings and a research paper are required. There is also an AR goal. Prerequisites. Comp II (offered semester 2) emphasizes literary analysis. Comp I is a prerequisite for Comp II.