Ag Science  (Grade 9-12) Introductory Prerequisite 

This course is for students that have completed middle school agriculture. Course work includes basic instruction in animal sciences, plant sciences, horticulture, agriculture mechanics technologies, FFA, SAE, leadership skills and an overview of agriculture career opportunities. Ag Science is a prerequisite to all the courses offered by the agriculture program.





Horticulture I  (Grades 10-12)

This class is a preliminary course for students planning to enter the horticulture science career option in the Ag. program. Majority of first semester is spent in the classroom covering plant science and basic horticulture topics. Students will spend most of the spring semester in the greenhouse working with the production phase of the industry.





Floral Design  (Grade 11-12)

This class follows with instruction in horticulture sciences, emphasis placed upon nursery production and the landscape industry. Students will split time between the classroom and greenhouses, but a majority of the spring semester will be spent in the greenhouse. Some landscape projects will be undertaken as a part of the spring work, as well as creating/aiding with work for the Horticulture I class. Ag Science and Horticulture I are Freshman and Sophomore level prerequisites.





Plant & Soil (Grades 11-12)

This class will provide students with an in-depth look at plant physiology, fertilizer/chemical analysis, plant growth and reproduction, soil properties/formation, field crop management, and grain marketing and analysis. Careers explored in this area include: field scout/crop consultant, agronomist, ag chemical sales rep, fertilizer/chemical specialist, conservationist, and production agriculture. Lab activities will be used to investigate plant and soil properties, and basic biology concepts in an agriculture application. Annual rotation with Animal Health.





Ag. Business & Economic (Grades 11-12)

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of agriculture business management. Areas of study include entrepreneurship, salesmanship, use and management of resources, commodity marketing, global economy, debt management, farm record keeping, insurance and investments and several other topics. This course will provide career and leadership opportunities that will enable the student to further their education or begin a career in or out of the agricultural industry.