Clothing  (Grades 9-12)

The focus of this second semester only course is the art of designing, creating, or constructing your own
garments. While earning half a credit, students learn to evaluate their own wardrobes, use and care of
sewing machines, spot removal, and garment mending. Each student will complete several sewing
projects of their choice. Students with advanced sewing knowledge will be taught to design patterns,
instructions, and styles of garments. This class has a tradition of making quilts for those in the community
who are ill. The class is good for students needing a job skill and students wanting to go into the clothing
and textiles area.



Career and Life Planning  (Grade 9-12)

Career and Life Planning is a semester class, offered only first-semester. The class teaches students that
to be successful on your own is key to being a successful person in life. Career and Life Planning covers
skills needed to be on your own. Making a budget, borrowing money, credit cards, consumer rights,
insurance and investing money are a few of the topics covered in the Consumer Unit. In the Housing Unit
the student will make decisions about housing and the laws involved in renting and owning. Students will
also study about setting up an apartment. Providing safe and nutritious foods will be covered in the Foods
Unit. The students will prepare a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an appetizer. Completing job applications,
making resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters, and interviewing are all parts of the Careers unit. The
students will look at education after high school such as Vo-tech schools, Community Colleges, and
Universities. The students will have a chance to look at military options, as well. The students will study
how to fund post-high school educations through scholarships, grants, and free rides. A great class to
take to start a high school year as a freshman and take as a senior to prepare for life as a Graduate after
your senior year.



Human Growth and Development (Grade 9-12)

Human Growth and Development is a semester course offered second semester only. This class provides
students with knowledge about the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth and development
of children. This course content will provide an overview of life stages from prenatal and birth processes
and fundamentals of children’s milestone development during the early years. Communication, leadership
skills will improve during the placement in a preschool, increasing one’s employability skills working with
children as well as life skills. This is a great class for students wanting to go into education and working
with children as a career.




Family Studies  (Grade 9-12)

Family Studies is a semester course offered both semesters, understanding the job of parenting and careers working with children. As students study roles and responsibilities of parenting they see the importance of planning parenthood. Students will analyze factors that impact human growth and development as they study pregnancy. They will look at social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of an infant, toddler, and preschoolers. Communication, leadership skills will improve during the class preschool, increasing one’s employability skills as well as life skills are part of this class.