Spanish I (Grades 9 – 12)

Spanish II (Grades 10 – 12)

Spanish III (Grades 11 – 12)

Spanish IV (Grade 12)

The Spanish classes at Chapman High School are taught with a method called comprehensible input. Comprehensible Input is “meaningful interaction in the target language, and it is the KEY to acquisition.” 

Comprehensible Input is taught using the Somos Curriculum developed by Martina Bex. It provides a variety of activities–songs, games, listening activities, drawing, reading, writing, etc. to acquire the language. Students are assessed on listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, and eventually on speaking skills.

During the second semester, FVR (free voluntary reading) is introduced. Students are able to pick an article or a book at their reading level in Spanish for the first 10 minutes of every class period. This is done for the pure enjoyment of reading.