Integrated Math I/IA  (Grade 9)

In Integrated Mathematics I, students will study linear and exponential equations and functions. Students will use linear regression and perform data analysis. They will also learn about geometry topics such as simple proofs, congruence, and transformations.



Integrated Math II/IIA  (Grades 10-12)

Integrated Mathematics II expands into quadratic, absolute value, and other functions. Students will also explore polynomial equations and factoring, and probability and its applications. Coverage of geometry topics extends to polygon relationships, proofs, similarity, trigonometry, circles, and three-dimensional figures.



Integrated Math III/IIIA  (Grades 11-12)

In Integrated Mathematics III, students will expand their understanding of area and volume with geometric modeling, which students will apply throughout the course as they learn new types of functions. Students will study polynomial, radical, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric functions. They will also learn how visual displays and statistics relate to different types of data and probability distributions.



Integrated Math IV  (Grade 12)

Integrated Math courses emphasize the teaching of mathematics as problem solving, communication, and reasoning, and emphasize the connections among mathematical topics and between mathematics and other disciplines. The multi-period sequence of Integrated Math replaces the traditional Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II sequence of courses, and usually covers the following topics during a three- or four-year sequence: algebra, functions, geometry from both a synthetic and an algebraic perspective, trigonometry, statistics and probability, discrete mathematics, the conceptual underpinnings of calculus, and mathematical structure.



Calculus (Grades 12) Second Semester Only 

Calculus is the study of limits, derivatives and their applications, and integrals and their applications. This semester long class will prepare you for college Calculus.



Math Lab (Grades 9-10)

Math Lab enrollment is by teacher recommendation for additional math help based off the star math.



Opportunity Room (Grades 9-10)

Opp Room enrollment is by teacher recommendation for additional math help based off the star math.




College Courses




College Algebra  (Grade 12) First Semester Only

Must have completed two years of high school algebra with a “C” or better and have 22 or higher ACT or an appropriate ASSET/COMPASS score OR complete Intermediate Algebra with a “C” or better

The College Algebra course reviews the standard topics of Algebra. The students will study linear and quadratic equations, functional notations, systems of equations, matrix algebra, and determinants. Graphing linear, quadratic, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions will also be studied.