Ag Science  (Grade 9) Introductory Prerequisite

This course is for students that have completed middle school agriculture. Course work includes basic instruction in animal sciences, plant sciences, horticulture, agriculture mechanics technologies, FFA, SAE, leadership skills and an overview of agriculture career opportunities. Ag Power Technology is a prerequisite to all the courses offered by the agriculture program.





Animal Science  (Grades 11-12)

This class provides an overview of the animal production industry and how the biological sciences apply to the growth and development of animals. Students interested in exploring careers such as veterinary science, animal nutritionists, meat specialists, animal breeders, farm and ranch managers, livestock marketing specialists, and Ag communication specialists are recommended to take this class. The students do experiments with feeding trials, animal breeding processes, and livestock judging. Students are also encouraged to develop a supervised agricultural experience project that provides skills in record keeping, problem solving, competitive educational teams and leadership development. Students gain an understanding of the importance, structure, economics, and products of each of the major livestock industries in this class. Ag Science or Ag Power is prerequisite.






Animal Health  (Grade 12)

Animal Health is continued from Animal Science. Emphasis will be on the anatomy & physiology of the livestock animal. Focus is intended to provide additional knowledge and skill necessary for students who are considering a career in the veterinary field. Students will use this class as a prerequisite for College Animal Science. Ag Science and Animal Science are both prerequisites to this course. Annual rotation with Plant & Soil Science.





Ag. Business & Economic  (Grades 11-12)

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of agriculture business management. Areas of study include entrepreneurship, salesmanship, use and management of resources, commodity marketing, global economy, debt management, farm record keeping, insurance and investments and several other topics. This course will provide career and leadership opportunities that will enable the student to further their education or begin a career in or out of the agricultural industry.