English I  (Grade 9)

Students read a variety of genre from six themes in our Collections textbook. Students engage in both short and more sustained writing, including daily journal writing. Throughout the year, students study grammar and academic vocabulary. Students are encouraged to complete independent reading through Book Club and choice books.



English IA (Grade 9)

In Advanced English I, students will engage at an advanced pace with more independent practice. Students read a variety of genre from six themes in our Collections textbook. Throughout the year, students study grammar and academic vocabulary. In addition, students engage in various writing assignments: journal writing, argumentative, narrative and career research. Independent reading is a strong focus, and students create individual reading goals based on their own book selections.



English II  (Grade 10)

The emphasis of English II is on improving all communication skills. Students read and interpret a variety of literature including Julius Caesar, Our Town, and To Kill A Mockingbird. Students study language registers, the history of our English language and review grammar skills to improve their writing, with an emphasis on sentence development and punctuation. Essay writing includes narrative, informative, and persuasive writing and several short research assignments with an emphasis on citations, works cited, and annotated bibliographies. Vocabulary emphasis is on academic vocabulary along with roots, prefixes, and suffixes.



English IIA (Grade 10)

The curriculum is similar to English II with an emphasis on moving at an accelerated pace with more independent practice.  Besides the English II literature, students will also read 1984 and several nonfiction selections. There will be an emphasis on practice for the ACT. Use of resources to find correct English usage and formatting rules will be encouraged. Additional writing will be required. Vocabulary will include a more extensive list of academic vocabulary words.



English III  (Grade 11)

English/Language Arts III builds on reading strategies and communication skills learned in English II. Texts include Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, The Great Gatsby, and Night, which will be read primarily in group settings. In-class discussions are expected weekly to continue developing verbal communication skills with a variety of peers as we analyzing larger themes of the texts. A larger focus of this course will be “functional” reading comprehension which includes real-world documents likely to impact students directly after high school. Students will continue to develop writing skills, focusing on grammar, clarity, and using appropriate language registers.



English IIIA  (Grade 11)

English/Language Arts III [A] focuses on analyzing larger themes from various novels and texts (including but not limited to: Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, The Great Gatsby, Night) and applying them to real-world issues. Reading is expected to be done independently at an accelerated pace. Research assignments build on themes from texts and focus on necessary writing skills and strategies for college-level courses. Group discussions and collaborative project-based assignments are expected weekly. Comprehensive final exams will be administered at the end of each semester.



English IV  (Grade 12)

English IV continues to develop writing, grammar, research and literary analysis skills. Course topics include MLA format, resumes and college admissions essays, Hamlet, The Canterbury Tales, rhetorical devices, argumentative essays, and choice book circles.




Speech  (Grades 9-12)

Students will begin the course working on interpersonal communication skills. As the semester progresses, they will write and deliver speeches for a variety of situations in life, including the use of technology in at least one speech. The speaking and listening standards will be the emphasis of this course.





College Courses




College English Comp I-II $  (Grade 12)

College Comp I and College Comp II are each three hours of college credit and are basic requirements for most college degrees. This is a concurrent course fulfilling requirements for both an English credit for high school and college credit. Taking the course in a controlled high school environment will give the student and parent an indicator of future success in college.


Comp I offers provides instruction in writing with an emphasis on grammatical correctness, acceptable word usage, and effective organization and expression of ideas. Assigned readings, expository writings, and a research paper are required. Prerequisites.

Comp II (offered semester 2) emphasizes literary analysis. Comp I is a prerequisite for Comp II.




College Speech $  (Grades 11-12)

Public speaking is a class that is offered during the school day from Cloud County Community College. Speech is a required class in college, so students find the experience less stressful to take speech from CCCC, as the class is smaller and they are in a familiar setting. Several speeches are given along with a variety of communication activities.