Chapman High School prides itself on our high academic standards and real world application through our CTE pathways and CHS businesses.


Dr. Watson, the Commissioner of Education, has challenged all Kansas schools to think about how we can prepare students for the future. You can see his vision in the following video.


Student Businesses

Chapman High School has six student ran businesses located on-site. The students who participate in these businesses are juniors and seniors.They work one on one with customers to plan, design, and create products that are sold to people in our school and community.



In response to Dr. Watson’s challenge, Chapman High School began Individualized Plans of Studies for CHS students in the spring of 2017.  You can see an example of those plans HERE.  Teachers, students, and parents have individualized conferences where they discuss credits, career pathways, and future schedules.  We use the tool Career Cruising to help students narrow their focus to the future and take advantage of the opportunities we have to offer. To further explain our Spring Parent/Teacher conference format see the following.

College Courses

Students also have the opportunity to take ten different college courses through
Cloud County Community College during the school year.More information available HERE.