Chapman High School will begin school again on Monday, March 30th! We will be providing a schedule by the end of this week. We will use two online platforms; Zoom for face to face contact (all students will do is follow a link) and Google classroom that students are familiar with assignment completion. Over 90% surveyed said they do have internet access. If not, we will be contacting those households directly for an alternative method of learning. We are working to build in our “new” schedule; flexibility, break time and physical activity. We understand that life is changing all around us. Siblings need to be cared for, extra hours are needed at work, and homes are sharing technology and devices. We will record our lessons and Zoom meetings to meet your student’s needs. Our staff, as always, will do everything possible to allow learning to take place when you are able. CHS is even trying to figure out how to digitally create Irish Hub! As always, our main goal is the students. If you need anything, please reach out.