logo Spring MACE Conference 2017

Title: Augmented Interactive Student Notebooks

Session Description: Bring cultures, historical objects, historical places, the world, and even the universe to your classroom with the use of augmented reality. Engage your students beyond the textbook and transcend learning to a whole new dimension.  Learn how to use augmented reality in education  with pre-made triggers to use in interactive notebooks.  Augmented reality brings models of actually objects, transform your classroom into a different environment, or can bring your students animated lessons and videos.  Augmented reality brings learning to life and open the door to endless possibilities.

Type: 40 Min. - Demonstration
Audience: Elementary K-5
Day: Friday, March 3
Time: 8:00 - 8:45
Room: KSU Union Big 12

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Presenter First Name: Katie Ann
Presenter Last Name: Wilson
Presenter Email: tigerlovessmokey@gmail.com
Presenter Position: Teacher
Presenter Company: Liberty Middle School